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Our Products and Services
All services available as Gentle/Introductory Yoga, Moderate Hatha Flow, or Athletic Power Yoga. We offer Yoga for Schools, Corporate Yoga, Private Sessions, and Group Classes.

Yoga For Schools
Yoga Benefits Schools As
-A supplement to a physical education program
-A tool to improve conditioning, focus, and stamina in athletes
-A safe space to nurture students and staff going through transition
-An atmosphere to improve student-staff relationships
-A creative space, implementing creative movement in postures along with visual arts.
-A way to be with the self
-A mechansim for self empowerment

Classes can be done before school, during the day, or as an after school or evening  program.  They can vary from forty five minutes to two hours in length. Try a class for FREE!

Corporate Yoga classes are available for your employees!
Corporate Yoga and Stress Reduction Programs are customed designed to meet the needs of your employees.  These programs may include yoga classes, yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation.

Benefits include
- reduced stress
- better focus and concentration
- improved job performance,
- increased physical and  mental health
- employees are balanced and focused
- increased productivity and employee retention

Best of all, try an introductory class for FREE. De-stress with the best!

Private Lessons and Small Classes can be held wherever you are!  Sometimes, taking time to take care of yourself can be the most important thing of all. Jessica is happy to travel to your home or office for a one on one yoga experience with individual attention, focus, and presence.  Semi-private classes can be arranged for groups of two to four individuals, in a home or office setting.   Both situations entail personalized instruction and attention, with a yoga class tailored to suit your needs and your level.

Group Classes are available for groups of four or more that can meet on a regular basis. They can range in duration from one to one and a half hours, and be gentle to vigorous, or anywhere in between.  
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School Yoga:                        Individually determined.
Corporate Classes:             $75 to $100 per class
Private Sessions:                 $50 to $90, sliding scale
Semi Privates/ Groups:      $10 on up per person